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NTC is getting ready to operate at the Club Municipal located in the city of Abidjan. Operations are scheduled to begin in October 2010 as the renovation of 2 tennis courts at the Club Municipal is nearly completed.

Abidjan, once the site of the African junior tennis championships and professional tournaments, is abounding with tennis courts which for many years now have gone unexploited, or at best under-exploited.

Recognizing that existing facilities with a substantial financial investment can be restored, N’Goran Tennis Concept includes a short-term, more immediate aspect which is the restructuring of current facilities.

NTC is currently reaching out to corporations and private individuals to raise the capital necessary to launch the tennis programs. If you are interested in being a sponsor and or a partner, NTC would love to hear from you.

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Photo: Snapshot of renovations in progress at the Club Municipal des Deux Plateaux, Abidjan.

Photo: Snapshot of the renovation project at the Club Municipal des Deux Plateaux, Abidjan. The renovation project includes the construction of a new central court. Major tournaments can be organized with such great facility.

List of Tennis clubs in the city of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

  • SODECI (2courts)
  • EECI (2 courts)
  • SPORTING CLUB (3 courts)
  • CHARDY (5 courts)
  • KONTIKY (2 courts)
  • SICOGI (3 courts)
  • SGBCI (2 courts)
  • HÔTEL DU GOLF (4 courts)
  • ATHLETIQUE CLUB (3 courts)
  • STADE CHAMPROUX (2 courts)
  • PALAIS DES SPORTS (2 courts)
  • SOTRA (2 courts)
  • VALLON (3 courts)
  • CLUB MUNICIPAL (2 courts) - NTC
  • PALM CLUB (1 court)
  • TENNIS CLUB RAN (3 courts)
  • HÔTEL IVOIRE (11 courts)

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